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Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot makes you fall for her, for sure!

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine star in this live-action standalone adaptation of the greatest woman superhero of the DCEU, Wonder Woman.

Original release poster of Wonder Woman.

Directed by Patty Jenkis and produced by DC, Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot playing the lead role while Chris Pine plays as Captain Trevor.

The Story line:

We’ve already had an excellently extended cameo of Princess Diana in Batman V Superman. But for us, we haven’t dived deeper into Wonder Woman as to who she is? Where she’s from? So on and so forth. Thus we get a chance to look into the roots of her characteristics. The events that shaped her into what she is today. As a child, she is intrigued by the idea of getting trained in the likes of her fellow Amazonians. When she is almost reaching the peak of her potential, she happens to meet a stranger named Captain Steve Trevor. They eventually come to a pact to go on a mission to end the war that potentially threatens to kill all mankind. Surprisingly for everyone on this mission, Diana turns out to be the trump card for the victory of the Britishers.

The Script:

The movie took off on a very nice note. For a larger part of the first half, untill Trevor comes into the picture the pace of the film is on a different level. Once the hero steps in, the pace falls down and has a lot of exposition to feed us. Little after the half way mark, the pace surges suddenly in the likes of Uber fares. And is maintained there untill the end. But there weren’t any mid credit or end credits scenes though.

Latest release poster of Wonder Woman.
Gal Gadot plays Princess Diana. Google

The Performances:

Gal Gadot improved a lot as Diana. She was very good with her expressions and obviously kicked some bad-ass, as usual. Gorgeous, glamourous and also kicking ass, need more eh? Chits Pine was good too and was likable. His character was rooted to what it had to accomplish and Chris was convincing to make people care for him and care for his character’s motive. Appreciable performances by both the leads. Rest of the cast did their part well.

Princess Diana in action.

My Take:
Answering the necessity of this film, I’d like to say that it did help a lot to show how the Wonder Woman came to be and what are the principles and philosophy she follows in her life. The plot device used at the very end of the film seemed too obvious and the writer could’ve improved a bit there. The character of the villain is very solid and has a very good back story. And hence it makes people understand why he does stuff the way he does it. The score of the film is nice. At the start, it is fresh to the ears and one particular piece that comes in the action scenes is enthralling to the ears, but still, there was scope for an even better score. The CGI is good, and a tiny bit of overuse of it in the action sequences made them look fake. The action choreography is really good. The cinematography is great, seamless capturing of the action scenes. Editing could’ve been improved in the central parts of the runtime. On a whole, the film ends up answering only a handful of questions though.

Direction : 0.5
Story: 0.75
Cinematography: 1.0
Editing: 0.25
Screenplay: 0.5
OST: 0.75
Art Direction: 0.75
CGI: 0.75
Action: 1.0
Performances : 1.0

Overall Rating : 7.25/10

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