Home Entertainment ‘Vara’ : This short film is beyond your imagination.

‘Vara’ : This short film is beyond your imagination.

It's a story of a Paleontologist who stumbles upon a path breaking discovery but has no idea what life has in store for him next.


But before I start off discussing anything about ‘Vara’, I highly recommend you to watch the film’s trailer at least (if you haven’t watched the film already). I know, I wouldn’t want to waste my reader’s time, hence:

Now that you have seen the trailer, let’s get started then.

Set in a strange place with Aurora Borealis floating around in the skies. It’s a story of how a Palaeontologist discovers something unfathomable for this form of Humans. And when he realises what he has actually done, things get out of control and… cut! That’s it! the film’s done for and the rest is left for us to interpret.

Aurora Borealis in the opening shot of the film.

I wouldn’t talk much about the story for its fragility. Especially not, when I’m trying to be absolutely spoiler free.

Diving into the technicalities, first and foremost we need to talk about the creativity of Vidyadhar, the man behind all this. With a lot of inspiration from ‘Interstellar’, this film deals with some real time complex Astro-Physical concepts present in today’s science field. Many might not be able to understand these. Yet, it overcomes the problem with some cleverly written exposition scenes and witty screenplay. All thanks to the director Vidyadhar. Right from the start till the end, within a span of 20 minutes, he narrated a great story. The character development he did is extraordinary. You will go places mate.

Look at that awesome view!

To be honest and probably for the sake of drama, Vidyadhar gave away his grip on the science he had built up until that one ‘blink and a miss’ moment in the very end of the film. Except for that one part, everything else he has done is commendable and professional. Conceiving an idea is not enough, making it a reality is what is needed. And Vidyadhar did not fail. Just make a note of the word ‘professional’ I used here, we’ll be talking about it in the later part of this write-up.

The next best thing in this film is the Cinematography and VFX works. Excellent. They are so good that at one point of time you presume it to be some Hollywood related or so. But no! This is completely an Indian make. And achieving something of this standard really deserves a lot of recognition and applause. Right from the intriguing opening shot to the long panned shot at the end, everything was captured really well. The professional rendering they did and the product they were able to make is an eye feast to watch.

The BGM : Wow! It was so good and haunting to the ears that it definitely will be listed out in positives of this film. I can’t fully describe how good it is. You gotta listen to it for yourself. Great score by Ree Bhatter. Careful now, the music is addictive!

The production Design is the heart of ‘Vara’. There is one specific object that I’d like to talk about, without spoiling anything about it. The object that they made is a real one (which I earlier thought was completely VFX, but got to know that it was otherwise) and most of the carvings on this object are purely legit. Apart from that, there are various other specifics that play a major role in convincing the audience that the film takes place in an actual lab. The lighting, a completely filled up blackboard, the ‘pit’, everything was done professionally. Great work by the art directors, commendable.

And talking about the main ingredient in this recipe, the production dept. What great production values they have given to this short. And I’m sure they might’ve made even more effort than what they showed us in “the making” video. the content they opted, the dedication they showed towards it, everything paid off really well and thus, resulted in creating a mind-blowing film.

So much for a short film, wow!

You might be wondering why I’ve been so empathetic towards the makers being dedicated to this film, why I have used the word ‘professional’ repeatedly in the review. Well, all I did was watch the film’s The Making Of “vÄ‚ra” video (of course after watching the actual film) and was flattered! The making video is hardly 3 mins in length but shows how much effort was put into the making of “one” short film, just one! I’m not able to describe it completely, but once you watch the film and also it’s making, you will not stop thinking about it. Or at least admire those people for the hard work they put in. Marvelous!

An excellently well made short film. it hardly has around 1.3 lakh views at the time of writing this article. But it surely deserves a million. Do watch ‘Vara’ and take pride in what kind of new pathways the TFI is heading towards. It really makes me happy to see even the short film society of India is choosing some bold subjects and trying to bring them to life.



Waste no time, watch the short right away!

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