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Shamantakamani : It’s a comedic whodunit


This mini multi-starrer whodunit drama is written & directed by Sriram Adittya with music scored by Mani Sharma Shamantakamani.

The Storyline:
4 people from different walks of life happen to attend a party at a well known hotel and one of the person loses his car named Shamantakamani. How did he lose it? Does he succeed in finding it? Watch it for yourself.

The Narrative:
The movie opens up straight on point giving us a nice statement that this is going to be a whodunit thriller. Sriram eats up the first 1 hour setting up the stage for the drama to go down in the latter half. But it doesn’t drag anywhere. There are quite a few times in the screenplay where logic is missing. And the ending, surprising.

The Four Musketeers of this flick.

The Performances:
A long list of young and dynamic actors along with the veteran legend Rajendra Prasad make this film a laugh riot all through. Aadi was good. Sudheer Babu seemed to have improved at his acting skills. Nara Rohit was the same serious kinda guy that he is in most of his films, yet likeable. Sundeep was hilarious all through. He knocked it off really far and so did Rajendra Prasad. Special mention for Raghu, he was so good. He literally has more dialogues than few of the leads and he puts the house on fire!

My Take:
Though a predictable story to some extent, the dialogues penned by Aditya himself along with these hilarious performances and awesome background score seal the deal for the makers. It’s fun to watch.

Story : 0.5
Direction : 0.5
Screenplay : 0.75
OST : 1
Cinematography : 0.5
Editing : 0.5
Performances : 0.75
Art Direction : 0.5
VFX : 0
Dialogues : 1

Overall Rating : 6/10

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