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‘Logan’ Review : An emotional farewell to the iconic superhero.


The grand finale to the 17-year long cinematic interpretation of Marvel’s one of the best superheroes Wolverine is finally here. In the Logan review, Let’s dive into the details of how did it or did it not live up to its expectations.

Set in a future 12 years from now in the MCU, the film follows Logan and professor Charles Xavier on an unexpected journey accompanying a mutant girl (Dafne Keen) along with them in order to get away some place safe, safe from the soldiers and the world itself. How does Logan end up on this journey? What happens all through their travel? What actually happened to the rest of the mutants? Will Logan succeed in keeping Charles and the girl safe? For the answers, well, you know the drill – gotta cruise to the nearest theatre and watch it for yourself.

 Hugh Jackman in Logan
Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine for the very last time in ‘Logan’ (Google)

We get introduced to Logan in the traditional Wolverine style, kicking some ass on the opening sequence itself. Then we slowly progress into the story, witnessing how bad is the condition of mutants in the future and how worse is the condition of Logan’s or Charles’s living. We get to know how traumatic it had been for Logan whiling away time in a world where he cannot kill himself. We also get to know about the girl initially that she’s being tracked down by some company but the entirety of the story is told later. And the introduction scene of her mutant powers is enthralling to the audience. One of the best sequences or probably the best sequence in the whole film I guess.The second act is all about the “Oh! It feels good to be home!” kinda episode. The threesome gets a chance to stay at some stranger’s house and Logan and Charles have these little moments at dinner, laughs, jibes, nostalgic talks and all. Was so emotional to see Charles and Logan like that.

Then an awesome twist in the tale and everything seems to fall apart. But somehow they get out of a lethal danger and get to some place far off where the girl finds some of her people. Before they realise that they were tailed, it’s too late. The girl and her people are in danger and who comes tie rescue? Of course Wolverine, but the way he comes is just awesome. It will be a spoiler if I say it, but I would not ruin anything for my readers. The epic final showdown is so good, it reminds you of all the awesome fights Wolvie previously indulged in the past. But, the film’s a finale and we have to bid our beloved superhero a goodbye. And all the reasons the director cites for Logan’s departure are legitimate and hence the film ends on a convincing note. I never did really have any goosebumps in the film except for the last 10 seconds before the screen cut to black. Best gesture ever to an X-Men who died serving his purpose.

 Patrick Stewart in Logan
Sir Patrick Stewart bids farewell to his character Charles Xavier.

Coming from a director infamous for directing the second worse Wolverine standalone film, Logan seems to be a very good one relatively. If considered as a trilogy of standalone Wolverine films, Logan will definitely be the top pick. A fairly well-directed movie, but has a slow pace to it. The background story of Wolverine, Charles and the masked man from the trailer is fairly good. But the flashback of the girl is something that seemed too redundant for a film that stars an X-Men in it. The reason why I say so is a spoiler if revealed, so not going to go deep on that point now. The screenplay is fine.

Editing is good. Though the camera work in the action sequences wasn’t shaky even when it had the girl kicking some ass, good editing managed to not make the body double seem so obvious or did Dafne performed her own stunts? I have no idea. Nonetheless excellent action choreography and well supported cinematography. No matter how bad the movie might be, the action sequences never disappoint you and this one’s not an exception. The artwork was good too. We get to see the sword that Logan uses in 2013’s Wolverine for a couple of seconds. There is ample of comedy in this flick and I’m glad they made it R rated.

Coming to the characters and performances, we need to talk about the girl Dafne Keen. Is it me who finds her face very familiar despite she only being a debutant in the film industry or is it that she starred in something that she wasn’t credited for. Anyways, keeping that matter aside. Her performance is exceptional. Half way into the film and she don’t even utter a word. Everything through facial expressions and shouts of agony, pain or anger. Hardly 12 years old and her performance is commendable for her age. She was very competitive in action sequences and matched Hugh Jackman at times. Way to go girl!

Sir Patrick Stewart, as always, owned his character, Charles Xavier. It’s going to be hard for the fans, which includes me as well, to imagine anyone else other than McAvoy playing him in the future films. The man of the hour, Hugh Jackman. The typical way in which he portrays Wolverine is so fun to watch. That swearing he does crack me up every time. No need to discuss more him, just go watch Jackman play his favourite role for the one last time. Rest all cast did their part well.

 Dafne Keen in Logan
An excellent showcase of acting skills by this little girl Dafne Keen. She’s got a bright future in the industry.

There are quite a lot of unanswered questions that we carry with us back home. I did not find any clear path in which this story is leading to for it ends on a potential sequel worthy storyline. I could not fathom why Jackman’s character had to be sent off based on an alternative timeline in the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic series. Anyway, Wolverine does get an emotional goodbye. Go watch the old man fight using all the strength he has for the one last time on the big screen.

Logan Rating

Rating: 4/5

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