Home Entertainment Jolly LLB 2 : With some solid performances, it’s fun to watch.

Jolly LLB 2 : With some solid performances, it’s fun to watch.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Jagdishwar Mishra (Jolly).

Starring some of the best actors of Indian cinema and with a fairly good story line, Jolly LLB is fun to watch.

The State vs. Jolly LLB 2 Poster

With 140 odd minutes of run time, the movie stars Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor in lead roles. The young and upcoming actress Sayani Gupta plays a pivotal role here. This black comedy is about a care free but street smart assistant lawyer named Jagadishwar Mishra(Akshay), who commits a blunder in pursuit of having an own advocate chamber for himself in his town of Kanpur, decides to fight a seemingly impossible open and shut case against a powerful and even smarter lawyer Sachin Mathur (Annu). What’s the fate of the case Jolly takes up is for us to see. And how bad a situation is lingering in the Indian Legal System is pointed out very craftily too. So that’s with the story. Coming to the screenplay written by Subhash Kapoor himself, it has many glaring plot holes in them. Few things happen just for the sake of the film, technically ‘plot devices’ are quite obvious and should have been taken care of. In addition to that, cutting away a few specific scenes as per the SC order has also showed it’s affect in the narrative. There were too many ubrupt random cuts, transitions from one place to another as if they were in some race, trying to finish first. And a forced song in the first half were all flawed moves. The first half is a little bumpy ride and the second half consumes around 10 minutes to resume into the story, but as and when it does you hardly know the time and the titles start to roll. That was a beauty of writing in the second half. Major part of it happens in the courtroom itself and was the heart of the film. The dialogues were also penned by Subhash himself and were really entertaining. Try not to miss any, because almost all of them could make you laugh.

Speaking of the technicalities, the cinematography was good. Coloring and lightning were handled well. Editing, as mentioned previously, was abrupt at times. Too many unconnected transitions which are tied through the dialogue that follows. Art work was good. Production values were good too. Music was fine. And the background score, which was not very prominent, was fine too.

Saurabh Shukla plays the role of Justice Sunderlal Tripathi.

One of the best parts of the film was the character of Saurabh Shukla. He was so awesome in his role of a judge that he dominated the film with ease. Excellent performance and exceptional comedy timing. If this character does not crack you up, probably no one ever will. Annu Kapoor was so good as the arrogant and influential lawyer. Awesome. Kumud Mishra, probably for the first time in his career, played a negative character and was very convincing. Though her screen time was very short, Sayani Gupta did leave an impression on the patrons. Good job done by her. And Huma Qureshi was fine with what she had. Despite such competitive performances coming from the veterans, Akshay Kumar did sustain here. That’s probably why he is such a loved actor. He was, as usual, slick in his role. That shameless, care free and clumsy lawyer that he plays is so hilarious. And he even makes you cry with his emotions. That’s the capacity of Akshay, you know that.

Ending the movie with a quote of Martin Luther King Jr., ‘Jolly..’ is fun to watch out for. Technically not being a “sequel” to its previous, it’s only a commercial tactic to use a popular brand name to market your new product, which was quite evident from its trailer, this new ‘Jolly’ iteration has its own story to be heard of, with a subtle message directed at the people. With solid performances and a good story, I’d recommend you to watch this film with your family and friends.

Rating: 3.25/5

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