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The Ghazi Attack : Kay Kay Menon saves this submarine from sinking.

The Ghazi Attack official poster.

With just a tad greater than 2 hours of runtime, ‘Ghazi’ is worth a watch, or is it?

Set in the year 1971, just before the Indo-Pak war began, this movie explores the void of unanswered mysterious question of what led to the sinking of the submarine PNS Ghazi which was launched in order to assault INS Vikrant for which both the countries have their own theories in defence, none the less both unfathomable. Sankalp, the debutant director, made up a fiction story around this particular incident incorporating few facts in his narrative. It goes without saying that we all know who triumphs at the end of this film, only that how does it happen is unknown. That’s what is shown when you watch the film, all that being a calculated guess from the imaginative POV of the director. But there are few negatives here and the biggest flaw was with the screenplay. Despite the master Gangaraju Gunnam providing additional screenplay, it has many plot holes and missing logic. These are prominently present in the first half but subside as the movie progresses to its commercial break. And in the second half, a good 15 mins into it, you’d say that is this happening for real or did Sankalp lacked some serious creativity here. And the narrative gets really rushed towards the very end, why Sankalp why? The next apparent one was Tapsee Pannu’s character being used as a mere plot device who just appears from nowhere and helps in progression in the story in the later part of the film. The other most apparent plot device was depicting a submarine crew as audience just to inform what would be the implications of a submarine going deeper and deeper into the sea. Clearly the metaphor did not pay off and these devices seemed to be forcefully put into the script.

Kay Kay Menon plays Captain Ranvijay Singh.

When it comes to the positives, the best thing that remains with you when you exit the theater is the character of Captain Ranvijay Singh played by Kay Kay Menon. What a character that was! Aggressive, fearful, courageous and patriotic. Half of the credits to Kay Kay for portraying it so well, as always. There are these highly enthralling moments in the movie where goosebumps are assured and all those moments include Kay Kay Menon in it. That’s how powerful a character Ranvijay is. Awesome and inspiring. Next best thing in the film is the dialogues penned by the master Gangaraju Gunnam. They commanded respect and never did the patrons in my hall keep quiet for his extraordinary one liners. Simply superb. Another positive is the art work. It was really really good and that’s what you’d expect from a PVP production.

When it comes to the technicalities, editing is not good. Overlapped and fast cuts are easily noticeable, kinda annoying as well. Cinematography by Madhie is good. Lighting is just fine and at some points you’d be wondering how light even entered a place like that. Music is good. Scored by Krishna Kumar, the background score is apt.

Rana Daggubati plays the role of Lt. Commander Arjun Varma.

Rana Daggubati’s performance was good. Tapsee Pannu had little to do. Atul Kulkarni was really good as Executive Officer Devraj. As mentioned earlier, Kay Kay Menon, masterclass. There are many other actors and all had done a pretty well job.

A good attempt from the debutant, despite the benefit of doubt being in his favour, I’d say he could have made it better.

Rating: 3/5.

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