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Fate of the Furious : Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham steal the show


Directed by Gary Grey, this is the 8th and the final installment in the series. Or so did we think. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham as leads and Charlize Theron as the antagonist, the initial trailer of the film created quite a lot of buzz. After the way in which F7 ended, everyone thought that was adieu to the franchise. Out of nowhere, Universal dropped this trailer and boom! So, did the film live up to the expectations? Almost, I’d say.

Continuing its age-old tradition, we get a long opening shot of this city in Cuba where Dom and Letty currently reside. As per the cliché, we also get a race to watch. And we all know who’s gonna win it only this time he does it so crazily that you’ll love Dom even more. Soon after that, Cipher (Theron) enters Dom’s live and everything changes. She threatens him with something and he has to abide by her rules. The family eventually realize that Dom ain’t on their side and have to team up with someone special to bring Dom back home. But what has made Dom turn his back on his family? Who is this Cipher? For all your queries, please open Book My Show and book your tickets right away.

The first half of the film takes time to build up especially the transition between the first and the second acts. It drags a bit due to the emotional revelations in that stage. But as the second act starts, it’s raining cars here, literally! The pace of the acts pick up and the movie seems to flow faster. The final touch comes from Dom in his end mono log. Heart touching moment for the fans!

The direction is fairly good. The screenplay is fine as well. The heart of the film, stunt scenes, and the chase sequences are taken a notch higher with this one. All the man to man action sequences is choreographed really well. And for the sake of 3D, the third act had a lot of slo-mo. Editing is fine. But due to the 3D rendering or something, some parts of the frames had a lot of fuzziness. It was evident in the action sequences. Though the camera is handled really well in the chase scenes, it is shaken a lot in the fights. A minus for the film.

The family gets divided. (Google)

Whenever you have Dwayne and Jason in a single frame, it is a complete laugh riot! Their chemistry is so good. The way they performed in action sequences was a big positive for the film. The jailbreak scene and flight fight are the two best sequences. They are as good as stylish expensive cars chasing one another and getting smashed into shreds. The raining cars sequence is awesome. The car on fire flip at the start if the film is exquisite.

Performance wise everyone did their best. The new additions to the team Natalie and Scott were good too. But when we look at the character motives, Natalie and Theron’s characters Ramsey and Cipher are poorly written or are even underdeveloped. Dwayne throws a line saying “I already got a team” and we see our team members riding cars, but are never given any answer about who this new addition Ramsey is. The exposition scenes in this film are probably the most out of the rest in this franchise. That shows the quality of writing. They should’ve taken care of this. Not done writers, not done.

As a fan, I’d pick them as the best in the film : Jason, Dwayne, Tyrese and Charlize Theron. If not for them, the movie wouldn’t be this good.

Rating : 3.25/5

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